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Truly Bizarre Cases of Mass Vanishings

Throughout history there have been numerous cases of people who have simply ceased to exist, disappearing forever without explanation or...

Breakdown: Skunk-Ape Florida Bigfoot

Florida Bigfoot High Resolution Zoomed Video of Skunk Ape Bigfoot Evidence Original Video #FloridaSasquatch

Skunk Ape Bigfoot Swamp Sasquatch

We found this video thanks to Mary at Skyships Over Cashiers. Make sure you check out her website and sign...

Strange Sound and Angel Like Image Appeared in China

A strange sound and Angel like like images appeared in china

Ten Terrains Of Conciousness

Co-Creators and colleagues Allen David Reed and Tahnee Woolf collaborated together over several years to create the 'Ten Terrains of...

“Ghost In Mental Hospital” Video Breakdown

ParaBreakdown gives a report about the ghost in mental hospital video


Boyle, Co. Roscommon - an ordinary small town in the west of Ireland with an extraordinary claim to fame... A personal...

Nat Geo: Para-natural series – Bigfoot

Paranatural 2 : Sasquatch Planet, National Geographic International Is it real, or a hoax, an overactive imagination, or just a myth? Eyewitness...


Ancient Civilizations May Have Known About the Solar System

Lost ancient civilizations may have known incredible and seemingly impossible details about our solar system... Be sure to check out the...

The electric hum of life may have originated with primordial lightning

There's an electrical hum in most animals, including ourselves. No one knows where it came from or why exactly it...






Boyle, Co. Roscommon - an ordinary small town in the west of Ireland with an extraordinary claim to fame... A personal...

Pentagon forming UFO task force after Trump told host he’d look into it

A week after President Donald Trump told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs that he would follow the conspiracy theory-peddling host’s...
Mutilated Cow Found Alive by Owner

Mutilated Cow Found Alive by Owner – UFOsNW.Com Archive

Caution: Images at the end of this post are in spoiler tags and are graphic. This report comes from Bill...

British ‘X-Files’ of UFO sightings is going public

From the early 1950s until 2009, a department in the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence (MoD) documented and investigated reports...

Are UFOs a threat? We need to investigate, says former head of secret US...

There's no denying that America has an enduring fascination with unidentified flying objects, or UFOs. However, UFO interest extends far...

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