A Sasquatch Seemingly Frustrated

This was sent to me by a friend (Thanks Brooklyn!). I contacted the owner Don and he gave me permission to post these stabilizations.

I am posting a couple different versions with different filters and stabilization techniques. It appears this subject is frustrated by the presence of our researchers here. One researcher I showed this to saw this and his first thought was that there may have been a youngster up in the trees and this guy was trying to keep the researchers focus on IT and not upstairs. Just a theory. With his permission, I will post pics of the casts they took.

Whats frustrating is people (who seem to NEED “proof” ) bitch and moan “If they are real, then why dont we have more video?” We provide some video (aside from the hoax douche bags) and its not to their liking or expectations. Like we need to put on a full production of a bigfoot walking up to us in clear sight and wave to the camera. Simpletons.

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