Strange Harbor Radio Show

The gap is big! I imply its 500+ meters throughout, large sufficient for the US Navy to construct a submarine base down there. This is very large. Many of us spotted UFOs occurring before, during and after major natural disasters such as Hurricanes and tsunamis. As we know tsunamis are a consequence of the immense energy released by the displacement of these plates, forming giant waves that advance towards the coast at speeds of up to 500 km / h. If there are bases of extraterrestrial beings deep in the sea, they are very likely to know beforehand when these natural disasters will occur. Perhaps this is why reports about UFOs are more frequent in the affected areas. In many of the reports of UFO sightings in the sky, the presence of OSNIs in the oceans has also been recorded. Is it possible to have an extraterrestrial submarine base? If we consider that 71% of the surface of the Earth is covered by water, in the hypothesis that aliens do indeed inhabit our planet, they are very likely to live in the unexplored depths of our seas and oceans.

Strange Harbor is a terrestrial radio talk show that discusses various paranormal topics. The hosts offer numerous theories and potentially "controversial" opinions with the intent of sharing possibilities in this "strange" world.

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