Antarctica: Reptilian Aliens Helped Nazis

By Mary Joyce, website editor of Sky Ships Over Cashiers

Reptilian aliens helped the Nazis establish a secret base beneath Antarctica according to
William Tompkins who worked for U.S. Navy Intelligence during World War II. Later he played significant roles within the upper echelons of the aerospace industry and NASA.

William Tompkins, at age 92, revealed the Reptilian-Nazi alliance during a February 25, 2016 interview conducted by Dr. Robert Wood and Dr. Michael Salla. Here are excerpts from his interview with them:

“The move from Germany to Antarctica was in operation from 1934 – way before the war started. In fact, some of the stuff went down in 1913. Large portions of equipment were sent down there.

“But right next to them were three tremendous size caverns which the Reptilians had – not Grays, but Reptilians. Germany got two more, about a tenth the size of the big Reptilians’ [cavern]. . .

William Tompkins in his later years, when he began to go public with his
long-kept military secrets
“They built these fat submarines, these regular class that they built, so they could ship all this stuff down. . . They had almost 90 percent of everything that it takes to build extraterrestrial vehicles, whether they were saucers or cigars. They had that down to Antarctica by 1932. . .

“They had copies of everything that was necessary to build these. They were building them in production all over the occupied countries. The production facilities were slave labor. . . The German population didn’t know anything about this. It was all classified. . . The people in Germany new nothing about it; Antarctica knew everything. . . and they continued to build similar vehicles in Antarctica. . .”

It should be noted that in a later interview on April 4, 2016, Tompkins more clearly declared the Nazi-Reptilian alliance when he said:

Tompkins when he served in U.S. Navy Intelligence
“The Germans were given this information from the Reptilians – they set up the program, they designed the program to support Germany and they’re giving Germany UFOs. . . They had consultants, Reptilian consultants, assisting with all these different things that it takes to design and build these spacecraft carriers and propulsion systems.”

When Tompkins was asked if the Germans had made it to the Moon, he responded this way in the February 25 interview:

“It was well known that the Germans had numbers of vehicles that flew out and came back. One of the first ones, they got into trouble and they crashed and the whole group died. But that was almost all coming from Antarctica. . .

“Four years before the war ended, they were always moving all of this stuff out. So, the flights, almost everything, came from Antarctica with the same people.

Then Tompkins was specifically asked if the Germans were launching spacecraft from Antarctica to the Moon during World War II, Tompkins answered:
“Yes,” then he added, “I don’t know if it was true or not, but it was stated by some of those fellows [Navy spies] that they had gone to other stars and come back.”
Dr. Sallas concluded by saying “So that would be corroboration that the so-called Andromeda Device, which was based on some principle of teleportation, actually was viable that they were able to use the Andromeda Device to get to other star systems like Alderbaran, and come back?” Tompkins respond with a simple “Yeah.”

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