Bizarre Bloodless Cow Deaths in Oregon

At Silvies Valley Ranch in remote eastern Oregon, five young purebred bulls mysteriously showed up dead, drained of blood and with body parts precisely removed. The ranch’s vice president, Colby Marshall, says these young livestock were just reaching their top value as breeding bulls and worth around $6,000 each. And since these were breeding bulls, hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of future calves were lost too. Harney County Sheriff’s Deputy Dan Jenkins has been working the cattle cases and has gotten dozens of calls from all over offering tips and suggestions. The top theory from locals is aliens. Jenkins said, “One caller had told us to look for basically a depression under the carcass. ‘Cause he said that the alien ships will kinda beam the cow up and do whatever they are going to do with it. Then they just drop them from a great height.” Sadly, Jenkins has been hard pressed to offer a more credible explanation as the cases have been tough, with little evidence and no credible leads. He has ruled out bears, wolves, cougars or poisonous plants. Nor were the animals shot. The FBI won’t confirm or deny that it’s looking into the multiple slaughters. In the meantime, the Harney County Sheriff’s Office continues to field calls on the killings. And Silvies Valley Ranch has put up a $25,000 reward for information that could solve the case.

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