Black Triangle Sighting in Navan, County Meath on 2003-10-19 18:00:00 – Triangular patterned lights very close together travelling at high speed.

I seen this object one cold cloudless night in october 2003, i am only reporting my sighting now because i was not aware of this website.
i was in a friends car with two other occupants (i have no contact details for them) and i was sitting in the back of the car, we were parked for a short time at a petrol station that did not have a canopy, while we waited i just sat there looking up at the stary sky and next i see these three white lights, these lights were in a triangular patter/formation moving east at high speed, much faster than a satellite, i can remember seeing the stars through these lights, one of my friends in the car seen these lights too and was fascinated too, the lights did not flash, blink pulsate or anything these lights were solid, they flew in a straight line heading east. that's all i have.Original Article

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