The afterlife (also referred to as life after death) is the belief that the essential part of an individual’s identity or the stream of consciousness continues after the death of the physical body. According to various ideas about the afterlife, the essential aspect of the individual that lives on after death may be some partial element, or the entire soul or spirit, of an individual, which carries with it and may confer personal identity or, on the contrary nirvana. Belief in an afterlife is in contrast to the belief in oblivion after death.

This man is dating a ghost for 2 years, and now fears she might...

New Delhi : In an unbelievable development, a New Jersey man has been able to convince people that he has been dating a ghost...

The lost chapel and the ghost that haunts Coatham Mundeville

"My parents were the licensees of the Foresters Arms from 1958 and Ronnie and Doreen (always known as Rusty) Ayre, of nearby Hill House...

Bill Letson’s Near-Death Experience (and Ayahuasca)

Bill Letson talks about remembering who he really is in his near-death experience and about his encounter with ayahuasca. This was filmed at Santa...

The Best Paranormal Activity Videos Caught on Camera

Man this dude has got a haunting like no other Ive seen. And I havent seen many real ones. This is some good stuff...

Shroud Of Turin: What Fake News Misses

The Shroud Of Turin isnt "painted". Its actually a negative. A 3D image. Since our technology is giving us the ability to test these...

4 Year Old Has Near-Death Experience

An Ohio couple says their daughter nearly bled to death after a routine procedure, but miraculously, she survived. However, her parents say she was...

Peter Panagore’s NDE and Why He Regretted Coming Back

Peter Panagore & his NDE (near death experience) and how it changed him.

Paranormal Caught on Camera S02E06

Insanely Haunted Hospital In Michigan And More (S2 E6)

Shroud Of Turin: Important New Paper from Bryan Walsh & Larry Schwalbe

An instructive inter-laboratory comparison: The 1988 radiocarbon dating of the Shroud of Turin by Bryan Walsh and Larry Schwalbe I rarely include researcher's names in...

Paranormal Caught on Camera S02E03

House Warning Gift, Buckeye Bigfoot, Historic St. Au-ghost-ine, Home is Where the Haunt is, Stop-N-Ghost, Security System Spooks

Jane Thomson on Her Profound Near-Death Experience

Jane had a profound near-death experience in 2008 while in the emergency room. She was taken to the hospital with a sudden illness early...

The Shroud of Turin: Photograph of the Resurrection

Up-to-date information regarding the Shroud of Turin, presented by Duran Smith to the Atlanta chapter of Reasons to Believe on October 31st, 2019. Intro: 0...

Chilling video shows what appears to be a child-like figure stalking waitress

This spooky footage captures a strange presence stalking a pub waitress who is none the wiser - just days before Halloween. If you can't see...

Latest Findings from the Largest NDE Study Ever Reported

effrey Long, M.D. has scientifically studied over 4000 near-death experiences (NDEs). Dr. Long reviews this prior research and presents his current groundbreaking investigation of...
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