Cryptozoology is a pseudoscience and subculture that aims to prove the existence of entities from the folklore record, such as Bigfoot, the chupacabra, or Mokele-mbembe. Cryptozoologists refer to these entities as cryptids, a term coined by the subculture. Because it does not follow the scientific method, cryptozoology is considered a pseudoscience by the academic world: it is neither a branch of zoology nor folkloristics. It was originally founded in the 1950s by zoologists Bernard Heuvelmans and Ivan T. Sanderson.

Scholars have noted that the pseudoscience rejected mainstream approaches from an early date, and that adherents often express hostility to mainstream science. Scholars have studied cryptozoologists and their influence (including the pseudoscience’s association with young Earth creationism), noted parallels in cryptozoology and other pseudosciences such as ghost hunting and ufology, and highlighted uncritical media propagation of cryptoozologist claims.

Alleged Megalodon Sightings That Will Make You Want to Believe

Humans are fascinated by sharks. And the larger the shark is, the tighter its grip on our collective imagination. So let's take a look...

Grays Harbor Thermal Bigfoot Footage – FIXED

On a cool October night in 2013, two men record on thermal imaging what some think my well be a Bigfoot.   I went with Phil...

Grays Harbor Deputy encounters a possible bigfoot on a secluded Grays Harbor County road

Personally, Grays Harbor has always been a favorite haunt of mine. The county tugs at my interest in the subject of Bigfoot or Sasquatch....

M K Davis discusses the Sasquatch Knock Down video

A raid on a hen house results in a chase and an altercation with a legend.

Bigfoot Throwing a Tree – NEW FOOTAGE!!!

Alberta Canada, a dark shape comes out of the trees and throws a tree, seemingly in protest of an oil crew being there on...

Breakdown – The Rick Dyer Tent Bigfoot Video

What did Rick Dyer film that day? How did FBFB confirm it was real? Who decided to not conduct a follow up investigation and...

Bigfoot Screams at Clipper Mills

An examination into the strange screams recorded near Clipper Mills California on July 8th, 2012.

Strange Harbor – March 10th 2019

We talk to a witness, MUFON's Aleta Debee from the UFO Summit and tons more.

Surviorman: Bigfoot Directors Commentary

Les Stroud contacted me about the Sasquatch Summit during this time and boy was I excited. SURVIVORMAN wants to come to MY conference! I...

The “Greatest Sasquatch Encounter Never Told” Out Of Copalis!

This event took place in Copalis here in Grays Harbor. We would really like to talk to any relatives of these folks or even...

The Freeman footage

The Paul “Freeman Footage” is videotape of Sasquatch (possibly multiple) in the Blue Mountains of Washington/Oregon. It was recorded by enthusiast/researcher Paul Freeman who had...
Adam Davies bigfoot

Adam Davies And The “Portal”

We recommend listening to the first interview here: One of the most controversial and riveting episodes gets a long overdue revisiting as extreme explorer Adam...

Missing 411: The Hunted- Official Trailer (2019)

Past guest David Paulides sent us this trailer for you to check out! Hunters have been disappearing from North American wildlands for hundreds of years,...

Sasquatch in Oregon – Thinker Thunker

While shooting a promo, Wes with WRY Outdoor Media here on YT, caught something on camera behind him. Bigfoot ...? Or something else?
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