Do They Know Something We Don’t?

Israeli spacecraft snaps stunning selfie on its way to the Moon| Latest News Videos | Fox News

It occurred to be the other day after seeing yet another country land on the moon that maybe they all know something we don’t.

Not too long ago, China landed on the dark side of the moon to plant some things and do some tests. Israeli spacecraft just headed there and now we are talking about going back to the moon. We have been working on spreading the disease of humanity on Mars for a few years now.

I’m wondering if there is something out there or something here going on that has alarmed the “powers that be” to want to start ruining other planets.

Is there a giant asteroid heading this way and the world elite are pushing to get things started on the moon in case of a fast evacuation?

Call me paranoid, but I don’t trust people since most people are liars.

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