Maurene Morgan – MUFON

Host: | September 16, 2018

Maurene Morgan is a Washington State Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) State Section Director and Certified Field Investigator. She has investigated dozens of reports of UFOs, entities and mental and physical procedures. Maureen also facilitates the...


UFO iTeam Returns

Host: | May 09, 2018

Michael W. Hall is known as the paranormal lawyer. He is the founder and director of the UFO iTeam. An organization of various witnesses, expereincers & researchers who share what they have learned. For more...

Joe Hauser

Joe Hauser

Host: | March 11, 2018

Joe Hauser has a background in biology and physics and has been actively involved in paranormal research for many years. At a young age Joe started having paranormal experiences and they continue to this day....

UFO iTeam

Host: | January 28, 2018

The UFO iTeam talks with us about the team and the upcoming UFO/Paranormal Summit in Ocean Shores. We are a team of researchers and experiencers dedicated to interviewing individuals and investigating this growing phenomena. UFOiTEAM...

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Alien Hunter Derrel Sims

Alien Hunter Derrel Sims

Host: | February 26, 2017

Derrel Sims, The Alien Hunter. The world’s leading expert on alien abductions. His 38+ years of field research has focused on physical evidence, and led to his groundbreaking discoveries of alien implants and alien fluorescence....

James Clarkson

James Clarkson

Host: | January 29, 2017

James Clarkson is the former State Director of the Mutual UFO Network in Washington State. He also works closely with two of the most dedicated researchers in this field, Peter Davenport, Director of the National...