Grays Harbor Deputy encounters a possible bigfoot on a secluded Grays Harbor County road

Personally, Grays Harbor has always been a favorite haunt of mine. The county tugs at my interest in the subject of Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Stories are easy to come by when you get to know the right circles of friends. Cards are held close to the vest. Once in a while an encounter will surface for public scrutiny.

One such possible Bigfoot encounter involved then deputy sheriff, Verlin Herrington. He had concluded his nightly patrol and was headed home on a secluded county road. The sighting happened back in 1969 and caught the attention of then famous investigator John Green. He made the time to come down from Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia to interview deputy sheriff, Herrington.

At the time, John was owner and publisher of a small newspaper in Agassiz, BC. He became aware of the Bigfoot phenomenon in the late 1950’s. He took special interest in the subject writing numerous books about Bigfoot. John investigated and cataloged over 3,000 eye witness Bigfoot reports. His passion for investigating the Bigfoot phenomenon drove him to become the foremost authority on the subject. The fact that he took the time to personally interview Verlin about his encounter should give you the idea of importance and veracity of the story.

Take a look at the attached link where I recreate the interview John Green did with Verlin. The video shows the surrounding area where this encounter took place. Even though this incident happened nearly 50 years ago the location is still fairly secluded, and it would not be hard for a Sasquatch to still navigate the area without notice.

David Ellis

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