Morning Visits: Daily Interactions with a Sasquatch Group

For a streamlined version of this video, click here.  “Morning Visits 2014” picks up where “Return to the Ravine” leaves off, just at the point where I begin consistently interacting with the local Sasquatch group, and covers this interaction as it unfolded from early August until early October.***The Sasquatch Listening Project aims to learn about the species in the least invasive way possible, through extensive audio recording. Not only is this the least invasive method, it also promises to be the most fruitful, in that Sasquatch will not permit themselves to be videotaped or studied on-site along the lines of anthropological (or even traditional primatological) research. I have conducted field work in northern Vermont for that past seven years and now wish to expand the project with fellow volunteers dedicated to understanding species behavior and “personality traits” through careful, patient monitoring of home sites–that is, places where our neighbors spend significant amounts of time during some parts of the year. I hope to eventually assemble a geographically diverse team of listeners; we could call ourselves the Jane Goodalls of Sasquatch acoustics.

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