Nat Geo: Para-natural series – Bigfoot

Paranatural 2 : Sasquatch Planet, National Geographic International
Is it real, or a hoax, an overactive imagination, or just a myth?
Eyewitness accounts stretch back in time, but for many, the Sasquatch is the poster child of the Paranatural, a figment of fevered imaginations, a mere shadow in the woods. But those who say they’ve come face to face with this elusive being have no doubt about its existence. Pete Couste was show producer / writer for this 60-minute documentary, part of a ten-episode series, which takes a scientific look at the Sasquatch.

This program began aired in UK, Scandinavia, France, Italy, Germany, Central Europe, Russia, Latin America, Brazil, Africa, Australia, and many more. In the US, it runs on the Mundo Channel.

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