Shane Corson

Shane Corson is hardcore and thats our personal opinion. He hammers through terrain that most of us have no idea even exists. In doing...

Covid Conspiracies

We talk covid conspiracies, Paranormal Caught On Camera is fake & more

Teri Rose

In 1973, Teri Rose had an NDE (near death experience) in a car wreck that changed everything she believed about life and death. But...

Karen Thomas

When Karen Thomas went in for surgery on her back, something happened. She died due to an accident during her procedure. As her body...

Kelly Kelleher

Kelly Kelleher is a local Seattle and International Psychic Healing Reader since 2000. She believes that everyone has the potential to improve their life,...

Michael Brein

Michael Brein, aka The Travel Psychologist, is an author, lecturer, travel storyteller, adventurer, and publisher of travel books and guides. He regularly appears in...

Michael W Hall

Michael W Hall of the UFO iTeam joins us to talk random topics.

Former Tribal Law Enforcement Guest

Kieth shares his experience on a South Dakota reservation and some of the calls he had to investigate.

Mary Joyce

Website editor Mary Joyce returns to share what she has learned about the corona virus and tons more.

Psychic Ted Mahr & Michiko Hayashi

Michiko Hayashi & Ted Mahr join Johnny to talk the Galactic Council & tons more

Starmom Co-Hosts

Starmom fills in as Bill is sick today. We talk about Mars, the moon and tons more.

Sasquatch Sightings Talk

We talk about specific current Sasquatch Sightings

Starmom & Julia

Bill is out sick so Starmom brings her friend "Julia" to discuss the visitations she has had.

The Alien Hunter

The Alien Hunter Derrel Sims calls in to chat about alien abduction and more.
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