Christopher Noël


Christopher has written books on his research and has shared some of his theories including the Savant theory.

He has put in countless hours of tedious work into Sasquatch research and he is simply a really kind person.
One of his experiences when pine cones are being thrown at him at amazing distances with impossible accuracy by something/someone.
Sasquatch up Close and Personal: My Two Years of Learning in the Ravine

What Makes Sasquatch Fascinating?

The New Anthropology: A Practical 2-Step Process for Monitoring your Local Sasquatch Group

The Mind of Sasquatch

The Patterson Film: Everything You Need to Know to be 100% Convinced

Sasquatch Camouflage/”Cloaking”: The Role of Hair and Oil

The Nearness of You Podcast: Episode #2 (SnowWhiteBigfoot)

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