Kathleen Wyer

Kathleen Wyer

Kathleen Wyer is a MUFON State Section Director, Field Investigator II, and Experiencer Research Team (ERT) member. Kathleen’s core values revolve around honesty, humility, innovation, and kindness. She reserves judgment knowing everyone has their own philosophy and story. Meditating daily, Kathleen understands the power of brain plasticity and memories.

She has worked for several state agencies culminating her state service with the Administrative Office of the Courts, as a Training Manager and Communication Specialist where she educated judges, clerks, and court staff on new system technology, legislative policies and laws. As a certified Project Manager, she has implemented statewide technical systems for several agencies within Washington State, including winning a Smithsonian Technical Award for a statewide Imaging System implementation for the Department of Labor and Industries. Kathleen’s passions are rock art, fossils, archeology, and rocks and minerals.

She has traveled to Egypt, Greece, Mexico, Guatemala, Jamaica, and Belize studying and photographing ancient sites. She has incredible tales for each area, including climbing inside the Giza Pyramid, visiting the Luxor tombs, and wandering in the temples of Karnak and Abu Simbel. She stood in the cave of the Oracle and has walked through the Acropolis, along with countless other Greek sites.

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