The Ten Terrains


Co-Creators and colleagues Allen David Reed and Tahnee Woolf collaborated together over several years to create the ‘Ten Terrains of Consciousness’ Model.

Through their researching of trends and evolutionary patterns of Humanity, the Ten Terrains of Consciousness Model began to reveal itself to Tahnee and Allen. It continued to emerge out of their ever unfolding conversations and relentlessly deep inquiry into people, the world and Consciousness; as together they sought to gain a greater understanding of life’s grand puzzle.

Neither of these two luminaries could have created this Model by themselves; it grew out of the deep field of wisdom between them, the cross fertilization of their curious minds and their combined histories. Allen has spent his life seeking to understand the collective systems operating on this planet. Tahnee has spent her life seeking to understand the interpersonal dynamics between people. It was the double helix of Allen and Tahnee’s life experiences – causing each of them to so thoroughly investigate humanity – that led to their development of the ‘Ten Terrains of Consciousness’ Model.

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