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UFOs, Moon & Human Origins


Billy & Johnny discuss the dark side of the moon, allegations that humans evolved from a different planet and brought here, which is why we can’t be in the sun long, have bad backs due to gravity and more evidence.


They also discuss recent UFO sightings, the UFO Paranormal Summit coming up in March, certain speakers who are difficult to deal with& tons more.

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  1. Hey there,
    Just letting yall know that I may have had a brief UFO experience on Sunday early evening Jan 27 just after dark. We were sitting outside by firepit in backyard. I saw a very bright white light in sky that wasn’t real high up towards back part of property around the hill behind us.I thought at first look was just a plane flying east to west direction. We sometimes have planes fly over. But when I looked back after just a short pause, maybe < than 10 sec, it was gone. I thought that was weird cause it didn't seem to be moving that fast. Then I began to realize it never blinked, flickered or had green/red lights like most planes and made no noise. I kept looking around to see if I could catch glimpse of it flying further west, but nothing. And not long after that I saw along with hubby a plane with regular aviation lights in the southern sky and you could also hear it. I asked my hubby if he had seen the plane in the sky behind our property that was more like a bright light. He said he didnt. So, I'm totally weirded out. I don't know if it was a drone, but it would have to be up pretty high to not hear it. Thought maybe even a stealth type aircraft. If not, this would make a second time in my life to experience an encounter with an UFO.