Possible UFO Seen On Military Vehicle In Cashiers, NC

By Mary Joyce, website editor of Sky Ships Over Cashiers

Nobody expected to see a vehicle like this doing a slow crawl through the mountains west of Cashiers, NC, especially since there is no acknowledged military facility in the area. Yet, the vehicle was seen going west from Highway 107 in Cashiers to Buck Creek Road, which is north of Highlands.

According to a respected local resident who provided the photo, it was taken on Buck Creek Road by a local governmental official on either April 9 or 10, 2020.

The vehicle appears to be some kind of military transport hauling two mystery loads. The top one looks like it could be a small tarp-covered spacecraft. This is not so far-fetched; a few years ago, a small disc-shaped scout ship was seen in a high-mountain pasture northwest of Cashiers. The second item at the rear of the vehicle looks like it could be a multiple missile launcher.

Whatever the load, the transport vehicle is wider than a traffic lane and has an unusual number of wheels – a number more typical of a military tank. The number of wheels indicates the vehicle is carrying a heavy load or they are needed to steady the vehicle during the firing of missiles.

Below are samples of multiple missile launchers mounted on three different military vehicles. Notice the launchers all look like flat metal boxes that can be tipped upward for missile launching. In the third photo, braces can be seen to help support or anchor the vehicle during missile launches.

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