Robert Dodson Films Clear Sasquatch Head

UPDATE: The face looks greenish only because of a common type of video distortion known as “color bleed.” I boosted the contrast and the saturation a little too much, which made everything take on a similar hue. I guarantee you that your own face would look greenish too if filmed and enhanced under the same sunlight conditions in the middle of bright green foliage.

And for those who continue to insist that Sasquatch is closer to ape than human, notice the “hooded” nose here, just like ours and extremely unlike any ape’s nose. This feature seems to place the subject squarely in the genus Homo, especially when considered alongside known foot morphology: all five toes are oriented forward, just like ours, and this is very different from ape feet, which exhibit an adducted big toe. The Sasquatch species is a close relative of Homo sapiens.

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