Rolling Hills Asylum is Haunted

Originally referred to as a “poorhouse” the Rolling Hills Asylum was home to many. There was little discussion of who would be housed at Rolling Hills. The buildings and grounds would end up being homes for orphaned children, families, destitute elderly, physically handicapped, mentally unstable, morally corrupt and even criminals. While considered archaic and cruel by modern standards, these institutions were commonplace in the United States in many parts of the 19th and 20th century. It’s easy to understand why there would be so much negative and hostile energy in such a confined space.

Rolling Hills Asylum was located close enough to populated areas, yet far enough to not have to “look” at those that society had cast out. Once admitted as an “inmate“, residents of Rolling Hills Asylum many would never leave its grounds.

The property would eventually transition into a beloved nursing care facility. By the time the 1970’s many of its buildings and land would go into a perpetual change phase. The area would see restaurants, shops and other business housed within the rooms of Rolling Hills Asylum. It is in this time period where stories of the paranormal begin to be reported. Strange noises in the night. A corridor where shadow people roam freely. In more recent times, conscious and sometimes humorous comments come through as investigators try to make contact with the dead while collecting EVPs. For a facility that once held some very negative energy, surprisingly there seems to be quite a positive energy emanating from Rolling Hills Asylum these days.

On this episode of The Grave Talks, they discuss the current state of affairs with Sharon Coyle, Proprietress of the facility.

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