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Guest George Anderson
Alexis Is Spying? Australia Doesn’t Exist?
Strange Tony
Life After Death
UFO iTeam Returns
Rictor Returns
Joe Hauser

Category: Cryptozoology, UFO / Host: Johnny & Billy
March 11, 2018

Joe Hauser has a background in biology and physics and has been actively involved in paranormal research for many years. At a young age Joe started having paranormal experiences and they continue to this day....

UFO iTeam

Category: Alien, Cryptozoology, Psychic, UFO / Host: Johnny & Billy
January 28, 2018

The UFO iTeam talks with us about the team and the upcoming UFO/Paranormal Summit in Ocean Shores. We are a team of researchers and experiencers dedicated to interviewing individuals and investigating this growing phenomena. UFOiTEAM...

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