Shroud of Turin ..The New Evidence

The Shroud Of Turin is not fake. They discovered that the sample section was “patched” in the 1300’s with cotton. Which wasnt used in 1st century Jerusalem. The rest of the Shroud that wasnt “repaired”, dated accurately.

The discovery was pointed out by two non-scientists which led the head researcher to go back and look. He said “they were right!”.

They also have figured out how the image couldve possibly been put on this cloth.

The body that was in the shroud would have had to produce several billion watts of vacuum ultra violet radiation for a pulse of 140 billionth of a second“. And of coarse dead bodies dont do that. In fact, that exceeds all of the Eximer ARF lasers we have on planet earth. The entire laser capacity of the world today is still not enough to create the flash that produced the image on the shroud (which is a 3D negative and there is no other image like it and we cannot reproduce it). The light had to be coming from every 3 dimensional part of that body.

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