The Zozo Demon – What You Should Know Before Using a Ouija Board

What is a zozo demon? Is the zozo demon real? In todays educational video, we’ll investigate the tale of the Zozo demon and see whether its real or not!

Imagine that your friend comes over one day and brings a Ouija board with him. You both sit and start to try to contact evil spirits, your skeptical eye watching every move the planchette makes and trying to figure out if your friend’s pulling your leg.
Suddenly the planchette starts moving from the letter Z to the letter O, over and over again rapidly, and after making its presence known, this ‘spirit’ starts answering questions about relatives of yours with incredible accuracy. Creeped out, the next day you get curious and google the name Zozo, only to discover thousands of similar accounts written across various message boards online.
Hello and welcome to another special episode of The Infographics Show’s Greatest Mysteries: The Zozo Demon.

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