This man is dating a ghost for 2 years, and now fears she might be cheating

Whattt! This man is dating a ghost since 2 years, and now fears she might be cheating

New Delhi : In an unbelievable development, a New Jersey man has been able to convince people that he has been dating a ghost girl from past two years. The girl he calls Lisa.

However, the other interesting part is that the man has claimed that they had been in a strong relationship since last two years but now he fears that his ghostly girlfriend might be cheating on him.

Gary talked about how he had been utilizing lockdown time with his ghostly girlfriend and was having a lot of s*x with her during the time.

He even gave intimate details and said ”It’s like your whole body is having s*x. And since Lisa is a spirit, she is more flexible which allows us to experiment with all sorts of new positions.”

But, now he claims that the things have changed and he fears that Lisa might be involved with other men.

He told The Daily Star Online, “This past month she’s out all the time. Never tells me where she’s going. Just says she’s going ‘out with friends’. She could be anywhere with anyone. And I’ve always felt secure in our relationship, but lately, we haven’t been having much sex.

”I’m worried that she’s cheating on me. She says I’m being paranoid. I mean I’m not crazy, am I? It just doesn’t make any sense. I can understand wanting space, but something just feels off,” he added.

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