A clip from Robert Dodson’s “Bigfoot is Pissed” video.

A little enhancement goes a long way with this footage from Robert Dodson taken in East Texas. Is it real? I can say that...

The Maino Project: Bigfoot Caught on Camera in the U.P.?

NBC26 can finally show you the photo of what some believe is Bigfoot roaming the woods in the U.P.

Bigfoot Encounter on Christmas 2014 in Northern Minnesota

A sasquatch walks around the house and yard. The dog goes after the bigfoot but runs back inside. After the animal leaves...

The Freeman footage

A Choctaw stick-ball player, depicted by George Catlin in 1834. (Public Domain)

Ancient Race of White Giants Described in Native Legends From Many Tribes

Several Native American tribes have passed down legends of a race of white giants who were wiped out. We’ll take a look at a...

Lettuce Lake Bigfoot

Is the Lettuce Lake Bigfoot video worthy of a full review?

Salt Fork Ohio Grassman – Bigfoot – Sasquatch

Another great video by ThinkerThunker: The Ohio Grassman video has gone viral, it's being talked about on TV. But does it really deserve all this...

North Carolina Bigfoot Photo

Phil Poling (ParaBreakdown) gives a report about the North Carolina Bigfoot photo.

Sherman Pass Sasquatch Photo

Phil Poling (ParaBreakdown) gives a report about the Sherman Pass Sasquatch photo.

Aggressive Bigfoot Video

Phil Poling (ParaBreakdown) gives a report about the aggressive Bigfoot video

The Spottsville Monster: Kentucky’s Bigfoot

Documentary short on the reported Spottsville Monster of western Kentucky. Featuring author Bart Nunnelly, his family members and others who claim to have had...

“Sasquatch Sighting 45 Second Mark” Video

ParaBreakdown gives a report about the Sasquatch sighting 45 second mark video
- Strange Harbor co-host Bill Vandenbush -If Morning Never Comes book by Bill Vandenbush Image

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