Missing 411: The Hunted- Official Trailer (2019)

Past guest David Paulides sent us this trailer for you to check out! Hunters have been disappearing from North American wildlands for hundreds of years,...

Argentinean Police Hunt For Mysterious Creature With Big Feet

A dairy farmer stepped out on the patio to take a leak. Off in the distance, he noticed a figure around 6′ tall, covered...

Hearing Bigfoot A Life Changing Event For Moses Lake Man

MOSES LAKE — Rick Graser has no doubts about what he heard that Friday afternoon fishing in the Quinault Indian Reservation. “Reuben (Estavillo), our Indian...

Possible Bigfoot Caught On Video Near Tahoe

I did what I could with this one but only got so far. Maybe you guys can fill in the blanks.

12-Year-Old Girl Captures the ‘Best Picture of the Loch Ness Monster in Years’

12-year-old Charlotte Robinson was recently on vacation with her parents when she captured what some are calling the best picture of Loch Ness' famous...

Woman Reports ‘Sinister, Monster-Like’ Growling in Woodstock, Illinois

The Singular Fortean Society recently spoke via email to a woman who said she was awoken in the early morning hours of March 6th...

The “Greatest Sasquatch Encounter Never Told” Out Of Copalis!

This event took place in Copalis here in Grays Harbor. We would really like to talk to any relatives of these folks or even...

Strange Harbor – March 10th 2019

We talk to a witness, MUFON's Aleta Debee from the UFO Summit and tons more.

2 Russian Bigfoots Ripping Trees Out of Frozen Earth

SH: Here is another example of evidence and hard work in analyzing it but since it's not someone simply walking up to a Sasquatch...

Alleged Megalodon Sightings That Will Make You Want to Believe

Humans are fascinated by sharks. And the larger the shark is, the tighter its grip on our collective imagination. So let's take a look...

M K Davis discusses the Sasquatch Knock Down video

A raid on a hen house results in a chase and an altercation with a legend.

ParaBreakdown Called Out By World’s Greatest Bigfoot Hoaxer

And here is the video he is responding to.
- Strange Harbor co-host Bill Vandenbush -If Morning Never Comes book by Bill Vandenbush Image

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