This Wild Paper Suggests Gravity Is Just a Product of Quantum Mechanics

A team of theoretical physicists has a mind-bending new explanation for why our Universe is the way it is, and how it emerged in...

4 ancient books depicting life of Jesus seized in Turkey’s Denizli

Turkish police have seized four invaluable ancient books written in Syriac and Aramaic, including one depicting the life of Jesus Christ. Anti-smuggling police teams carried...

JFK Jr. Told The World Who Murdered His Father: But Nobody Was Paying Attention

After all, he did live, for the most part, a relatively ordinary life, in spite of being the Prince of America’s Camelot. So, what do...

Freedom of Information query reveals secret list of Pentagon research projects

The United States Defense Intelligence Agency has one great fear: that someone, somewhere, has an unknown advantage … a secret weapon that could topple...

‘Saucer’ Outran Jet, Pilot Says; Air Force Puts Lid on Inquiry

‘Saucer’ Outran Jet, Pilot Says; Air Force Puts Lid on Inquiry By Paul Sampson Post Reporter The Washington Post (1923-1954); Jul 28, 1952; ProQuest...

1967 Patent For Ufo Propullsion

This apparently was filed September 30th 1964.   Download PDF  

UFOs: Nuclear Missile Warheads Shut Down

Insiders Account of UFO Shutting Down 18 Nuclear Warheads “For the sake of that airman I spoke with, and for all the other officers and...

Banned books of the Bible

How did we get to the modern Bible -- and what was left out? Check out this collaboration with Alltime Conspiracies!
- Strange Harbor co-host Bill Vandenbush -If Morning Never Comes book by Bill Vandenbush Image

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