Two Near-Death Experiencers’ Journeys with Spontaneous Mediumship Experiences

Two Near-Death Experiencers’ Journeys with Spontaneous Mediumship Experiences, 2017 IANDS Conference

Janie Thompson, William Taylor, Janice Holden (moderator)

In a spontaneous mediumship experience (SME), the experiencer is visited by one or more uninvited deceased individuals who ask the experiencer to convey a message to another living person. In some cases, the experiencer did not previously know the deceased individual and/or the living person. Results of a recent study indicated that a substantial number of near-death experiencers (NDErs) who never experienced SMEs before their NDEs experienced them afterwards—and that these experiences sometimes presented unique personal, moral, and social challenges. In this panel presentation, the moderator will briefly summarize the study results, after which two NDErs will briefly describe their NDEs and overall aftereffects and then will provide detailed descriptions of their SMEs, any challenges their SMEs presented, and how they managed the challenges. The audience will have an opportunity for question/answer and discussion—and to share their own SME journeys.

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