UFO Sighting in Grand Junction, Colorado on 2020-08-07 22:39:00 – Ball of light, approx 2 miles came up, hovered, moved left, right, up , down, hovered disappeared

Was between grand jct, and delta colo, watching for meteors. (perseids) when ball of light ascended from a ridge approx 2 milesnw of my loc. it hovered approx 5degrees above horizon . it moved to the right app 1/4 mile, stopped , moved back, moved left app 1/4 mile, moved back, moved up and down almost out of sight behind ridge, came back to original spot. disappeared behind ridge. i was talking to my wife on cell phone, it quit working during sighting, my wifes phone went completely off, took approx 15 min to regain service. observed light on and off in trees on edge of canyon to my west, for about 2 hr. was talking to my son on phone aroung 1 am when light came up out of canyon to my west, hovered for approx 5 sec, then shot out of sight, going straught up, did not hear anything, it was just gone, didnt see it again, left location at app 2:30 am, returned homeOriginal Article

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