UFO Sighting in Hayward, California on 2020-10-17 01:15:00 – Watched the stationary, blinking object for over 2-1/2 hours

My husband first spotted the smaller light while talking with the neighbor across the street. when he came inside, he asked me if i wanted to see a ufo. i said yes, waited for him to find our binoculars & we went out front & walked down to the corner. he pointed to the light above the hayward hills & i could see with my naked eye that it wasn’t moving. when i looked through the binoculars, i could see red & blue blinking lights. i looked further south & there was a larger one (possibly closer) & with the naked eye i could see it too was blinking. we went inside to go get our keys so we could get a closer look. i went out in the backyard & took a short video of the larger one. we then got into our suv & headed towards the larger light. the entire time we traveled south, it never moved although i saw airplanes flying in the area. we drove south on mission blvd from south hayward down to 680, got off at vargas rd & went north into a clearing where we stopped & took a 2nd video. we then went driving around mission san jose in central fremont & every time there was a clearing, the blinking light was still there! we then drove home @3:40am & after we parked, i went down to the corner & the larger light was still there blinking in almost the exact same spot!

my husband thought it was larger at the bottom & reminded him of the apollo capsule. he thought it was spinning because the colors were changing so randomly. but it never varied in altitude.

there were plenty of stars that we were comparing it to, but none of them blinked or shimmered! also, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky!Original Article

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