UFO Sighting in Hesperia, California on 2020-07-31 21:33:00 – 3 green lights traveling sw reversing to ne until out of sight

3 green lights traveling sw reversing to ne until out of sight. i observed 3 lights in the low sky, dismissed them at first because of common air traffic especially helicopters, walked to the house from the garage in rear of my property – about 60' they were coming this way watched for a couple more seconds, they were over hesperia area now, perhaps 1 or 2 miles distant and distinctly brighter (brighter, because of being nearer, i presumed). it looked like they would be in the area for a bit so i ducked my head in patio door, called my wife to come see them. in the 8 seconds or so it took my wife to get up and out on the patio, they had reversed their direction heading ne again over apple valley. they had gone so far they wee invisible to my wife but they were faint to me for 3 or 4 seconds until totally invisible.
their flite was curious because they flew as if they were frolicking. their heading coming and going appeared the same without deviation. the one at the top of the group exhibited the most movement, moving somewhat from a higher position to lower then back again to the (superior) position. the movement of the 3, though not laser-like appeared to retain a fairly consistent altitude which i guessed at 1000 to 2000 feet.
before i called my wife out to see, there had been a helicopter flying in a southerly direction which i didn't notice after returning to my viewing spot. i only mention it because it seemed these 3 green lights, orbs, whatever, would have had practically a converging point with the chopper, just judging from the steady heading of the lights or the lights might have passed just behind it. either way, my wife would have been able to see a sample of things i've seen and she could have something totally unknown to wonder about.
i was surprised, returning to my spot that they had retreated so quickly from the direction they came. i called my wife out because she doesn't have excellent night vision and these she could have seen easily.
i've seen things before that were operated objects as these were. i don't believe i've ever reported one before but these were so obvious i sort of wanted to report these to be amongst the crowd having sighted them in case any revelations might come of it from the various viewing points they had to be seen from.
as a final statement, i haven't reported things officially before because i really don't like feeding the ufo narrative. i am christian. i have strong suspicions about these "alien" reports and in general believe that gods adversary is doing everything he possibly can to distract as many as possible from the absolute truth before it's curtains for the world as we know it. this is my priority information and not the ufo stuff. but i don't condemn people for reporting what they report. i only am saddened that what most see, they see without a context because they either refute, ignore or are indoctrinated to discount any spiritual beliefs because religious zealots abound misguide many, wanting a personal following.
you all enjoy and let me know if what i've reported has been reported by a lot of people. i know it had to be seen by a lot of people but how it was seen (perceived) and by how many reliable observers and of those, the ones who saw as much as i and who knew who to report it to.
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