UFO Sighting in Idstein, Hessen on 2020-10-17 19:50:00 – Lights above valley in central germany

On saturday evening (approx. 0750 am) i spotted a glowing object flying above our hometown valley from my balcony. i immediately called my wife and daughter to come and see it. we observed the object flying in circles above the valley.
my wife went in to get our spyglasses. through the spyglass we could very clearly see that the glow came from an object above the clouds. i tried to film the object with my mobile but it was impossible. we informed my mother who lives just a few streets away to see it as well. she came and saw it.
my wife then got our night vision equipment, a spyglass with night vision used for deer stalking. through this device we could see that there were actually two object flying in circles. i then placed my mobile phone camera in front of the ocular of the night vision equipment and was actually able to film it. i sent the videos to our elder daughter who lives in wiesbaden and she told us that she saw three lights hovering over wiesbaden on her way home from work. she even talked to people in the streets about it. hence, there must be more witnesses.Original Article

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