UFO Sighting in Maidens, Virginia on 2020-10-26 19:00:00 – Long, dim beam of light with twinkling flecks

The “objectâ€� was at approximately 35 degrees from horizon, and approximately 20 miles from my location to the west. it was not a discrete object, but rather a long, perfectly straight, dim beam of yellowish light. the beam was observed above the tree line behind my house, with ends of the beams on both sides blocked by closer, taller trees. i observed the beam looking from east to west, perpendicular to the beam which was situated in a north to south direction. no end could be observed from my vantage point. the beam of light was perfectly straight, without any spreading of the beam or dimming of light intensity from one end to the other. within the dim beam of light were twinkling flecks which appeared to be moving from north to south in the beam. it was again hard to distinguish the shapes of the objects within the beam of light. they vacillated in intensity from not visible in the beam of light to more intense than the beam of light. all flecks appeared to be moving in the same direction. the beam was roughly parallel to the surface of the earth. the angle would not seem to match a possible trajectory for a meteorite tail as it burned up in the atmosphere, and further, the flecks did not appear to spread beyond the edges of the light beam as might be expected for fragments breaking off of a meteorite. additionally, after about twenty seconds of observation, the entire beam of light evenly faded from visibility across the entire beam, and not from one side to the other. i observed after it se appeared and could see planes in the general vicinity shortly after the beam of light. there did not appear to be any cloud cover and the headlight beams from the plane were not visible, nor would they span even close to the distance over which the beam of light was observed. while there are some similarities to star link satellite launches, it did not resemble the video on the previous page. the trail left behind the star link satã©lite is similar in color, but the observed light beam seemed lower in altitude and not traveling upwards. no flecks as were observed in the beam of light could be seen in the star link satellite video.Original Article

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