UFO Sighting in Royal Palm Beach, Florida on 2020-06-09 15:55:00 – Bright white cylinder object traveling in vertical upright mode.

Observed bright white cylindrical object traveling in vertical upright mode (with slight tilt forward at top) versus horizontal as conventional aircraft. watched object for about 1 minute as it ascended gradually in a ne direction just below cloud level into the clouds before disappearing from view. object appeared to be surrounded by a halo and also pulsated or phased in and out as it moved across the sky. this was just before 4pm in the afternoon, sky was fairly clear with some puffy clouds. i do not believe it generated any sound, but there was other local noise close by (truck idling). it was the unusual flying position (upright) that drew my attention. i have provided a photo taken the day after from the same viewing position.Original Article

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