UFO Sighting in Seattle, Washington on 2018-03-25 15:46:00 – Video taping/sun/clouds seen fact object go by reviewed ipad seen incredibly fast object go by up in the sky

Recording the sun and clouds in the afternoon while sun tanning on deck when some thing flew overhead and made me focus and and then gone, so after 20 minutes of recording i decided to go inside and review the recording on my ipad air. realizing that i was now looking for and object that went by at incredible speed and by shear luck after sectioning off 30 seconds at a time reviewing and removing not deleting for hours and hours … then i found it … i have seen many ufos from 1 incredibly massive 1 to a huge blue violet white orb ship fly right out into space and gone .. but this object i got on tape and how its the fastest thing in atmosphere i could ever imagine flying … the tape was 20 minutes long and the object goes by in .42 seconds and roughly by my estimate on distance size and time traveled 3+ miles. that equaled roughly over 16k mph … i got up to 13 different still shots and few where it’s just gone … and reappears .. defiantly edges round discolored field around it unity in design and colors and …read more