UFO Sighting in Stockport District, England on 2017-10-28 19:49:00 – Bright orn shaped lights in the sky , silent hovering , direct 90degree turns, often see , usually at night

I was smoking a cigarette looking up around , i often look up in the sky to see ufos , because in spring 2013, i had a close encounter with a ufo in a rice field buriram north east thailand, everyone said it was a ghost but i new otherwise , ever since then i always look around in the sky .
i first noticed it about 1 year ago , but i often see them hovering over a forest a little behind my house, sometimes i see up to 3 times in a week , other times it may only apear once in a month , but i reguarly witness.
when i first witnessed it i ruled out plane , helicopter , drone , blimp or lantern immidiately so i was only left with 1 other option ufo .
it is usually a bright blue white glowing light which looks sphere shaped , but because its a night and over a forest ( so no ground lighting ) i cant make out the objects shape because the glowing light is so bright it just apears like a spere.It slowly glides in and then just stops still in the …read more