UFO Sighting in Tillamook, Oregon on 2020-07-29 21:24:00 – Observed object coming from nw passing over me disappearing to the e

I believe this object is the same one i had seen the previous night. it, more/less, came from the same direction – traveling from the west slightly north/west with a slight turn to the east then a slight long turn south/east going right over me then turning more easterly until disappearing over the horizon. something i noticed different this time, was the object seem to "jump" ahead at times. not far, but seemed to skip ahead as it traveled. i did manage to have better camera settings this time, but i'm not really sure what i've captured in the pics. the object seems to have a blueish green light on top. the bottom has a greenish orange light at times. sometimes there is a rose or pink color that appears. pictures taken of the object coming towards me seem to show a brownish orange/rust colored sides to it. on one side it seems to appear higher than the overall object. and on the other side it looks to be lower. the center of the object for the most part is whiteish/greyish in color. it at times seems to change it's shape. pictures of when it was right over-head, show more odd shaped white/greyish light with hints of the other colors. and finally, pictures of it going away from me show mostly a white object with hints of the other colors. it also at this time seemed to take different shapes. i will post a few of the pics "as it came and went". from when i first seen it, until it was gone.Original Article

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