Viewers Spot Another UFO Near ISS On NASA’s Live Feed

NASA’s International Space Station live feed was suddenly cut after a strange event showed in the background of one of the astronauts working. The alleged anomaly sparks a frenzy online.

Christina Koch and Anne McClain were supposed to be performing the first all-female spacewalk together on the ISS, but NASA cancelled the plan last minute. The official explanation said that it was due to a lack of spacesuits of the right sizes, replacing Ms McClain with Nick Hague. The move has sparked controversy. After the spacewalk, several conspiracy theories have surfaced.

Keen-sighted viewers of the live stream noticed something strange behind Mr Hague as he worked on the space station.

Some conspiracy theorists wildly claimed it could be a UFO. They insisted that this is yet another example of the space agency cutting the live feed after spotting a UFO.

The video feed is stable before a UFO appears just above the horizon line of the Earth. When the UFO appears, the live feed somewhat gets more interference until NASA apparently decides to cut it, according to conspiracy theorists.

The incident is not the first of its kind.

NASA has been alleged of cutting off live feeds when a UFO is seen flying near the space station.

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