Strange Harbor is a terrestrial radio program featuring extra-terrestrial topics like UFO’s, cryptozoology, NDE (near death experience), ghosts, conspiracy and more.

We don’t claim to have any answers, just questions. We share our own experiences and hope others will come forward and share what they have experienced to hopefully piece together this puzzle of life.

If you have witnessed something or have tale to share, please use our contact form or witness form and let us know what happened. You can remain anonymous. 

Strange Harbor airs Sundays at 4PM on 1450 AM and 100.5 FM KBKW. We interview local and well known researchers, witnesses and experiencers on topics like UFO’s, alien abduction, near death experiences, ghosts, cryptozoology, conspiracies and other “strange” topics.

You can hear Strange Harbor on 1450 AM /100.5 FM KBKW,, iTunes & StrangeHarbor.Net.

Cherie De Sues is a retired surgical P.A. in the operating room, an author of bestselling paranormal and military thrillers and a Certified MUFON Investigator.

Johnny Manson has had Sasquatch in his life since age 2. Now he hosts one of the largest Sasquatch research conferences in the world.

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