Paranormal events are purported phenomena described in popular culture, folk, and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose existence within these contexts is described as beyond normal experience or scientific explanation.

The Nearness of You Podcast: Episode #2 (SnowWhiteBigfoot)

Most "cutting-edge" research is out to prove the existence of approach that will be obsolete post-discovery. Today's podcast guest is busy showing not...

Sasquatch Camouflage/”Cloaking”: The Role of Hair and Oil

Special thanks to MK Davis, Mark Zaskey, Kerry Arnold, Daniela Agliolo, and SnowWhiteBigfoot.

The Patterson Film: Everything You Need to Know to be 100% Convinced

This 1967 film (with simple analysis) should be shown in every elementary, middle, and high school in the US and Canada, along with a...

The Mind of Sasquatch

"How could a gigantic human-like primate POSSIBLY exist in North America without being discovered? Sorry, but that just defies common sense!" This is the...

The New Anthropology: A Practical 2-Step Process for Monitoring your Local Sasquatch Group

Structure skeptics like to ask, “How can we claim to know that Sasquatch build stick and tree structures until we catch them in the...

Sasquatch Up Close and Personal: My Two Years of Learning in the Ravine

I’ve noticed that my videos “Morning Visits 2014” and “Morning Visits 2015” are getting a lot of views, so to make the experience more...

“Ghost In Mental Hospital” Video Breakdown

ParaBreakdown gives a report about the ghost in mental hospital video

Nat Geo: Para-natural series – Bigfoot

Paranatural 2 : Sasquatch Planet, National Geographic International Is it real, or a hoax, an overactive imagination, or just a myth? Eyewitness accounts stretch back in...

Cloaking Bigfoot with Barb and Gabby (ThinkerThunker)

Remember the movie Predator? The cloaking alien ...? Well, a lady named Barb may have actually filmed a Bigfoot "cloaking." It's weird. Let's take...

The electric hum of life may have originated with primordial lightning

There's an electrical hum in most animals, including ourselves. No one knows where it came from or why exactly it exists. Now, new research...
Forrest being in a teepee structure

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Adam Davies bigfoot

Adam Davies And The “Portal”

We recommend listening to the first interview here: One of the most controversial and riveting episodes gets a long overdue revisiting as extreme explorer Adam...

Michael Merchants Blue Orb Footage

Michael Merchant is a former (real) survival show winner, sasquatch enthusiast, naturalist and all-out critical thinker. He recently accidentally recorded some footage of a...
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