UFO Sighting in Liberty Lake, Washington on 2020-07-20 20:30:00 – Viewed several bright lights in eratic movement

Was outside around 8:30, 9:00 looking south, southeast, when 7 to 8 glowing round lights appeared in the south over liberty lake washington. my viewpoint was direct and not obscured, crystal clear sky, slight breeze, 84 degrees. the objects began dancing and swirling around another bright object with a three distinct points of light on the same exact horizontal plane on what appears to be a thin cigar shape brightly lit object, it almost looked like staring straight at a triangle placed horizontally so you can only see one side with no 3-d perspective. it at one point " jetisoned" for lack of a better term, several other glowing round lights, of the same intensity as the larger object. the larger object moved slightly west without coming any closer. all the objects continued the random movements until about 11 pm, at which time i retired to bed. i have 35 years aerospace background in quality control/engineering…I am an avid fan of military aircraft and highly knowledgeable about flight characteristics and the physics thereof. the objects defied known physical laws. i fly rc airplanes, build military aircraft models and can identify more than 50 military aircraft and commercial counterparts as well. pics includedOriginal Article

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