UFO Sighting in South Portland, Maine on 2020-11-06 22:05:00 – I saw a circular glowing object streak through the night sky

At about 10pm on november 6th 2020 i was standing on my back porch with my wife when we observed over the course of approx 15 second a glowing ball streak across the sky at anywhere from 500 ft to 1500 ft in the air and then just disappeared. due to the fact that the weather had changed from being in the 30s to the 60s within 24 hours i assumed what i saw was most likely ball lighting. i ruled out right away a shooting star because i have literally seen hundreds if not thousands of shooting stars in my life and it did not have any similarities at all, with the exception of its straight flight pattern. we shrugged it off as really beautiful and awesome but was what we thought was definitely a natural phenomenon. 3 hours later i am on that same back porch and i observe the exact same thing in the sky that probably lasted about 8 seconds. it made no sound of any kind and again just disappeared. it did not burn up or land. i stood frozen in place for probably around 1-2 minutes in disbelief of what i had just witnessed. it took me several hours after that to calm down would probably be the best way of describing it. i did develop a migraine headache which lasted the majority of the next day. i do suffer from migraines from many concussions during my athletic college career but had not had one in almost a month. not sure what that says about the sighting but thought i would include it in my description. i have no other proof which was why i was not going to say a word about it. the only reason i am reporting it was to see if anyone else saw what i saw at either time. to be honest i am not going to tell or talk about it to anyone with the exception of my wife as she saw the 1st sighting with me. thanks for taking the time to read this.Original Article

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