Visual Evidence Wooden Structure Mount Ararat

For more info: In October 2009, an exploration team made a major breakthrough when team members entered a large wooden structure buried under volcanic rocks and ice, and proceeded to conduct field studies, take measurements and collect samples, with the entire process filmed. This is the first team in history to ever visually document the interior of the wooden structure on the mountain. The initial discovery took place in June 2008. After the news of the discovery was shared with the world, the 25th of April 2010, within two days the news was ‘poisened’ by a message on the internet saying it was just a hoax, without having seen the evidence. Interesting detail; In a few of the spaces a wooden beam with seven pegs on it were exposed, matching the Genesis account of the ark in Bible book Genesis chapter 7 vers 2-a.

Video-copyrights: NAMI

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