Strange Harbor is a REAL terrestrial radio talk show that covers topics of the paranormal variety and other “strange” themes not often discussed in main stream radio.

We interview authors, researchers, witnesses and experiencers. They share their knowledge in:

  • Ghosts/After life
  • UFOs
  • Cryptozoology/Sasquatch
  • Near death
  • Conspiracies
  • Alien Abduction
  • and many other “strange things”

The show is aired on AM 7 FM radio stations, iTunes and on this website.



Bill Vandenbush

Billy is a Vietnam veteran and author who has done many things in his life. While in combat, Bill was blown up by a bomb and shot numerous times. He died on the battlefield where he had the most remarkable experience in which he writes about in his bookIf Tomorrow Never Comes“. Now, he runs Northbeach TV with his beautiful wife Shannon and shares his vast knowledge on Strange Harbor.






Johnny Manson

Johnny is a musician/club DJ turned radio host with his hands in many things. One of those things is the Sasquatch Summit which is considered one of the biggest and best Sasquatch research conferences in the world and the UFO/Paranormal Summit which has almost eclipsed the Sasquatch Summit.